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“Rap or Go To the League”

Three-time NBA Champion, four-time MVP and fifthteen-time All Star Lebron James has announced that he will be dropping an album titled “Rap or Go to the League” with 2 Chainz. Lebron will be working as the A&R on this album, which stands for “Artists and Repertoire.” This means Lebron will help scout talent to be on the album and probably provide funding. Although, you have to admit it would be interesting to see The King spit a few bars. Lots of people have been criticizing James for working on this album. They believe it will cause him to lose focus from basketball. This is his 16th season in the NBA and his first season with the Los Angeles Lakers and everyone is expecting big things from him. Although this season it looks like they have no shot at winning the title, he is certainly expected to do so within the next few years with the hopeful additions of a few superstars. Since he doesn’t have a chance at getting a ring this year, then why not work on creating a rap album? Lebron has always been for the culture and the advancement of African-Americans. What better way to continue to inspire and communicate to the youth, than with the creation of a rap album. The album title “Rap Or Go To the League” reveals the common the mindset of lots of young black kids that grow up poor in urban areas. They live in a place where people rarely ever see a way out, but lots of them see there only possible way to escape poverty is by rapping or becoming a professional athlete.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Lebron and 2 Chainz decided to drop this album on the date 3/1 because Lebron was down 3-1 when he and the Cavaliers pulled off the most unlikely comeback in NBA Finals History against arguably the greatest team ever assembled. The comeback in the 2016 NBA Finals against the 73-9 Golden State Warriors was almost symbolic of Lebron’s life story. He was against all odds and became extraordinary when everyone was doubting him. Growing up a poor kid in Akron,OH. Lebron came from a place where lots of those around him were involved in drugs and crime. Therefore, most of them end up being dead or in jail. For him to become as successful and wealthy as he is now, was almost impossible. Then for him to deliver an NBA title to a city that had never won, against arguably the best NBA team ever and for it to be in his hometown state, made a story that Shakespeare couldn’t have written.

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